Electrical Equipments   






Equipments and Accessories:
API Drill Pipes, Drill collars, heavy weight drill pipes, Drilling Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Accessories, Casing tools, Casing accessories, Coiled Tube, Rig Accessories, Drill Bits, Rotary Subs, Stabilizers, Thread Protectors, cementing equipment, Fishing Tools & Down hole equipment, Air Compressors, Toque Converters, Christmas trees.

High pressure Hose:
BOP, Choke & Kill, Rotary, Kelly, Steel.

Safety Clamps Slips:
Drill Collar Slips, Casing Slips, Rotary Slips for Drill Pipe.

Hydraulic Casing Tongs, Manual Tongs and Casing, Tubing Tongs, Tubing Spider.

Mud Treating Equipment:
Centrifugal Pumps, Desander, Desilter, Dewatering, Jet Shearing & Mixing Systems, Multifunctional Linear Motion Shakers, Patented Mud Cleaner.

Rig Tools:
Brake Rims & Band, Brake Blocks.

Casing Elevators, Drill Collar Elevators, Drill Pipe Elevators, Drill Pipe Elevators Slips, Combinations, Single Joint Elevators, Slip Type Elevators.

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